Cowardly thieves continue to steal from local Mckinney Nordic Ski Club

Hi Skiers and Snowshoers Cowardly thieves continue to plague our not for profit organization.

The last three weekends we have had our donation money box broken into.
Our non-member log book stolen.

And Grumpy snowcat was hit last weekend. Thieves also stole out battery, 15 gallons of gas, and wood box containing top up oil, anti-freeze and brake fluid.

All this has been reported to RCMP file number 2019-256. I have built a better lock system on donation box. Will be trying to buy a locking gas cap and guess I will have to take battery out of snowcat when it is parked.

If you happen to notice any suspicious activity at parking lot please note a vehicle description and a licence number if possible. Take a picture or video if possible.

FRUSTRATION with thefts and COSTLY as well.

Keep Smiling Groomer Al