Groomer Al’s Status Report

All trails except Elk Run were panned today (December 1). Outhouses shoveled out as there is already 15 inches (35 cm) of snow on the trails.

The non-member sign in blue box was erected with membership applications and a few trail maps. The donation money catcher was also installed as well as a “NO SNOWMOBILES” sign.

McKinney Nordic Ski Club encourages every non-member skier and snowshoe’er to put $10 in the donation box before every visit.

“Grumpy” was also experiencing an electrical problem which I will return to fix another day armed with the right tools. When we get another good snowfall, I will be able to set the tracks on all the trails. Today, the trails are skiable with one or two spots where stumps and rocks are still peeking through the snow.

When you drive up to McKinney, please note that the roads have some icy spots and there are dozens of pot holes on the gravel sections.  Take your time – no need to speed.
Happy trails.
Groomer Al

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