Ski School News

To Ski School Volunteers,

Our first Ski school will be on Tuesday January 24th.   We will meet at the Arena parking lot at 8:30.  Our first class is from Osoyoos so it often takes them till 9:30 to arrive at the trails.  At this time, all of our scheduled Ski school dates are double sessions.  Looking forward to seeing you all up on the trails!- Amy Encina

To Ski School Volunteers (and Volunteer want-a-be’s!) 🙂 

As of right now Ski School dates are:

Every Tuesday & Thursday starting on January 24th,

Osoyoos Elementary –  January 24, 26, 31

Tucelnuit Elementary – February 2, 7, 9

Oliver Elementary – February 21, 23, 28, & March 2

*There is NO ski school scheduled for February 14 or 16

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